How Do You Determine Which Replacement Awning Fits Your Hardware?


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To determine what replacement awning fits the installed hardware, start by checking the size and type of awning already in place. RVAwningsMart.com also suggests checking the roller profile and the number and size of the grooves in the roller.

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In addition to reviewing the roller profile, check the extension of the awning arms and see if the awning has a metal wrap by rolling up the existing awning and checking whether or not the fabric is wrapped in an aluminum cover.

To determine the size of the suitable replacement awning, measure space between the center of one arm and the center of the other arm on an existing awning. It is important to get this measurement correct, as the actual awning material needs to be smaller than the measured size to allow it to be fitted and rolled up and down as required. Measuring from the inside edges of the arms can lead to the replacement awning being too small. Similarly, measuring between the outside edges can lead to the material being too big.

Finally, check the replacement awning options against the information at hand; see if the make, model and size of the chosen replacement awning are compatible with the installed hardware, and make sure to choose a suitable size before making a purchase.

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