How Do You Determine If a Piece of Furniture Is Made by Martin & MacArthur?


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Koa furniture made by Martin & MacArthur, a contemporary woodworking studio in Honolulu, Hawaii, is identified by a maker's mark consisting of a large stylized letter M over the company name. The mark is typically placed in an inconspicuous location on the piece.

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Martin & MacArthur, which has been in business for nearly 50 years as of 2015, operates a handcrafted furniture workshop. The approximately 20 to 25 master, journeyman and apprentice woodworkers there carve and craft each piece of furniture from acacia koa wood, an tree native to the Hawaiian islands. The company purchases more koa lumber than any other furniture manufacturer in the islands, largely from sustainably harvested private estates. Purchased timber is dried completely before creating furniture to ensure that the wood doesn't bow or warp from moisture. The wood of the koa tree has a reddish tone and a strength similar to that of black walnut.

Furniture produced by Martin & MacArthur craftsmen takes two to six weeks to complete, depending on the complexity of the item. The company also builds custom pieces that take six to eight weeks to design, build and finish. Additionally, the firm generally also has a four- to six-week backlog on customer deliveries, due to popular demand and the limited number of craftspeople.

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