How Do You Determine How Often You Need to Run Your Garden Sprinkler System?


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To determine how often you need to run your garden sprinkler system, consider the type of soil you have, the depth of the grass root system and the speed and rate of water loss. Your area may have a water management district that regulates how often you may water your lawn or garden.

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The type of soil you have in your garden or lawn determines the rate of water penetration. Clay soil retains water for longer, and you do not need to irrigate your garden or lawn often. Since water seeps through clay soils slowly, irrigating too often may create puddles in low spots. Sandy soils drain water very quickly, and you may have to run your sprinkler more often.

Grass and plants that have a deep root system require less frequent irrigation. The climate in an area also affects how often you run your garden sprinkler system. Areas that have high temperatures and intense wind require frequent irrigation due to increased transpiration.

States like Florida have areas with irrigation ordinances and water restrictions that determine how often you may run your sprinkler system. The restrictions may range from once a day to two times a week, depending on the county or municipality.

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