How Do You Determine How Much to Charge Per Square Foot for Cleaning Services?

There are several factors to take into account to determine how much to charge per square foot for cleaning services, including comparable rates, how many people live in the home, any special requirements and many others. It is ideal to assess the client's needs individually and then determine the rate.

To determine how much to charge for cleaning services:

  1. Offer an in-home consultation
  2. Before offering a rate to potential clients, offer an in-home consultation to discuss needs and assess the home's cleaning requirements.
  3. Consider the following during the consultation:
    • the home's square footage, number of rooms and number of bathrooms
    • the expected frequency of visits
    • how many people and pets reside in the home
    • how much clutter exists and how much cleaning is required
    • any special requirements, such as windows
    • level of experience
    • how many people will be working at a time
    • if the job pays hourly or per job
  4. Compare rates
  5. Compare intended rates with those of others in the area. Rates vary by area, as well as by experience level, so charge accordingly.
  6. Negotiate
  7. If a client offers to pay lower than the offered rate, consider negotiating to a price that works for both parties; however, if the offered pay is too low, consider moving on to other clients who are willing to pay the proposed rates.