How Do You Determine Which Kind of Grass You Have?

The easiest way to determine which kind of grass is growing in a person's yard is to take some samples to the local Cooperative Extension Service or a nearby nursery. The types of grass that thrive in a yard depend on the location and seasonal weather.

To get a lush, green lawn it is important for a homeowner to know what grass will grow the best. Quite often, weeds may resemble grass and it can be hard for a layperson to know the difference. There are a few ways one can find out for sure what kind of grass is growing in his or her lawn.

There are a number of online resources one can use to identify types of grass. Gather some clippings and keep them nearby to compare with pictures and descriptions.

One way to narrow down the search is to find out what grass grows in the area. For example, states in zone six, which is the northwest area of the country, will not have the same grass type as states in zone three, which is the deep south.

When in doubt, consult with an expert. Bring some clippings to a local nursery or the closest cooperative extension agency for identification.