How Do You Determine the Cost of a Stone Driveway Paver?

The cost of paving a driveway with stone pavers consists of the square footage of the driveway, labor costs and the type of stone used. Costs may range anywhere from $10 per square foot to well over $50 a square foot, as of 2015.

Pavers are the high-end option for those wishing to repave a driveway. Typically made of stone or brick, these pieces are installed by hand, so labor costs are usually higher when compared to other driveway installations. However, a paver driveway is considered a very good investment as it lasts for many years and gives a home a high-class look.

Other costs that may come into play when attempting to determine the cost of a paver driveway include fixing any slope or curves the driveway has and grading. In addition, if drains are needed or the homeowner wants to add an intricate design, these costs raise the total price. Getting quotes from local contractors is the best way to find out what a paver driveway may cost.

Some more affordable driveway materials include concrete, asphalt and gravel. Gravel is the most affordable option with costs ranging from $0.50 to $2 a square foot on average. In some areas, such as those that get a lot of rain, gravel is not a practical option as it may easily wash away.