How Do You Determine the Cost to Replace a Water Heater?


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The cost of replacing a water heater varies by region and by the type of water heater being installed, but online resources, such HomeWyse.com, can provide estimates. Experts who install water heaters may also provide estimates that sometimes come with guarantees that the final price is below a particular value.

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The cost of a water heater is generally easy to find online or in local stores. However, installation takes a considerable amount of time, and varying labor rates can affect the cost of installation. While it might be tempting to hire the expert who offers the lowest labor price, experts who charge more might be able to perform the work faster, leading to a lower overall price. In addition, small mistakes made when installing the water heater can cause damage to it over time or cause it use more gas or electricity than necessary, which can cause monthly bills to rise by a small but significant amount.

Water heater installation cost may also be higher when switching between gas, electric and oil heating. Running a new gas line generally requires expert help, and the cost can be high. Similarly, electrical water heaters generally require a 240-volt line. Online estimates typically don't include these costs, but local experts should be able to factor them in when providing estimates.

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