How Do You Determine the Cost of 4x8 Sheetrock Needed for a Construction Job?

Estimate the cost of 4x8 sheetrock for a room by determining the number of sheets required and multiplying by the cost per sheet. The number of sheets is the total square footage of the walls and the ceiling divided by 32. Add any sales taxes and the cost of delivery to find the total cost.

Installing drywall requires others materials, such as nails, joint compound, tape and corner beads. Determine the cost of the nails by estimating 5 pounds of nails per 1,000 square feet of drywall and multiplying the unit cost by the number of pounds the project requires.

Calculate the amount of joint compound by dividing the square footage to drywall by 400. Multiply the resulting number of buckets of joint compound by the cost per bucket.

Each roll of drywall tape covers 500 linear feet. The project requires enough tape to cover the perimeter of each sheet of drywall you purchase. With 4x8 sheets, the perimeter is 24 feet. Once you determine the total number of linear feet, divide by 500 and multiply by the unit price.

If you are hiring a contractor to install the drywall, you must also consider the installation cost. Contractors generally determine their cost based on square footage of the job.