How Do You Determine the Correct Link-Seal Size for Your Project?


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Link-Seal provides a Seal Finder webpage, located at calculator.gptindustries.com/PSI/simpleInputData.jsp, which assists with finding the correct size for your project. Users input the pipe size, the type of pipe, the type of sleeve or hole and the sleeve length, and the Seal Finder locates the appropriate Link-Seal.

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The Seal Finder finds Link-Seal Modular Seals for use with Century-Line Sleeves, WS Steel Sleeves, Cast or Cored Holes and Cell-Cast Disks. Link-Seal modular seals are one of the most prominent methods of permanently sealing pipes that traverse walls, floors and ceilings. With Link-Seal, users can hydrostatically seal ductile iron, concrete, metal and plastic pipes to hold up to 20 psig, as well as cable within a conduit used for telecommunications or electrical purposes.

Link-Seal modular seals can be modified to match the situation that calls for them. High-temperature seals, fire seals and oil-resistant seals are available. Link-Seal modular seals are available for special applications such as temperature extremes, rare chemical combinations and non-centered applications. Century-Line sleeves are specifically designed to provide a metal or non-conductive solution to be used with Link-Seal modular seals. Link-Seal modular seals take up to 75% less time to install than lead-oakum joints, hand-fitted flashings, mastics or casting boots.

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