How Do You Determine Building Demolition Costs?

To determine the building demolition costs, add asbestos removal fee, wages cost, equipment rental cost, and landfill and hauling fees. Include any insurance, permit and license charges.

Measure the building in square feet, since demolition costs are mostly determined by square feet. Next inspect the building for asbestos by hiring the services of a professional asbestos inspector. Typically, the parts of a building that contain asbestos include steam pipes, furnace ducts, flooring adhesive, door gaskets and millboard. In most cases, asbestos removal costs approximately $2 or $3 per square foot, as of 2015.

Determine the demolition time period. The period increases with the increase in the size of the building and can range from a couple of days to several months. To find the total wages for demolition, multiply the period of demolition by the workers' wages. For instance, if the daily wages amount to $1000 and the demolition lasts for 15 days, the wages for demolition are $15,000.

Next determine the cost for hiring demolition equipment, based on estimates obtained from the rental place of the equipment. Determine the landfill and hauling charges. If necessary, determine license, permit and insurance costs. Finally, calculate the total demolition cost by adding the costs of asbestos removal, equipment rental, demolition wages, permits and licensing, as well as fees and charges for insurance, landfill use and hauling.