How Do You Determine the Appropriate Rug Size for a Room?

How Do You Determine the Appropriate Rug Size for a Room?

To determine the appropriate rug size for a room, consider the space available, the flow of traffic, the wall positions, the furniture arrangement and the furniture size. Use painter's tape to make it easier to determine the approximate rug area in the room.

To determine the appropriate rug size, affix painter's tape on the desired area on the floor instead of actually measuring the area or the seating arrangement. This helps to visualize rug placement and how it may affect the room's design elements. This method is particularly useful in homes designed with an open concept.

Preferably, the rug should be a minimum of 8 inches away from the walls. If the available space in a room is not adequate to center the rug, place it against the end or side of the bed or against a wall or the door. In a home with an open design, ensure that there is a minimum open space of 3 feet between rugs to account for flow of traffic.

If the furniture is arranged against the living room's wall, opt for a rug size that leaves adequate open space for the feet to be kept off it. In living rooms with furniture arranged away from the walls, the rug size should be such that the feet can be placed on it.

The rug under the dining table should extend a minimum of 3 or 4 feet on all sides of the table. Consider any extensions to the table when determining the rug size.