How Do You Deter Woodpeckers?

How Do You Deter Woodpeckers?

To deter woodpeckers, use a physical deterrent made of netting, hang objects that move or make noise, place nesting boxes and feeders for the birds, and spray hot sauce where the birds commonly visit. In addition, check for the presence of termites and other insects around the home.

To make the physical deterrent, place nylon or metal netting with 3/4-inch holes at least 3 inches from the side of house. To camouflage the netting, match its color with that of the house.

Place moving objects around the area where woodpeckers visit, such as windsocks, small windmills, reflective tape pieces and aluminum foil strips. Wind chimes also make noise to deter the birds. Alternatively, bang on pans and pots whenever the birds come near the house.

In addition, place dead wood, nesting boxes and feeders around to provide woodpeckers with an alternative option for feed. Mix 2 tablespoons of hot sauce in 1 quart water, pour it in a spray bottle, and spray it anywhere the birds frequently visit. Alternatively, coat pine cones with cayenne pepper and cheese, and hang them in the same areas.

Termites and other insects are common meals for woodpeckers. Have an exterminator check for and remove these pests from the home, and then trap and release the woodpeckers elsewhere.