How Do You Desolder?


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The first step to removing solder is to assemble a solder wick and a soldering iron. Next, prepare the surface and apply heat. Remove the solder and clean the area.

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  1. Assemble your equipment

    You need a solder wick and soldering iron to remove solder. The solder iron should be between 15 W to 30 W to avoid damaging the electronics. An alternative to a solder wick is a vacuum pump, which works just as well. Ensure you are working in a well-ventilated area because solder fumes are harmful.

  2. Prepare the surface

    Remove any vanish, grease or glue from the surface before heating. This is to avoid damaging the tip of your soldering iron. Ensure the iron tip is clean for the best heat conduction.

  3. Remove the solder

    Place the solder wick between the joint and solder iron. Heat the wick, which will slide once sufficiently heated. The solder flows onto the wick. Cut off the used part once it is filled with solder, and repeat the process until all the solder has been removed.

  4. Clean the area

    Carefully clean the area with steel wool to remove leftover solder and resin. Check that the appliance is not damaged using a continuity tester.

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