What Are Some Designs for the Front of a House?


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Some designs for the front of a house include a facade made out of plain concrete, wood and glass. The facade is next to a pool fed by a cascade and the front door is hidden by a wooden wall which is decorated with a bollet-style wall sconce. Before it, in a concrete courtyard, are plantings of desert grass.

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Another house in a rather brutalist/international style is clad in dark gray stucco softened by cedar cladding. The courtyard is paved in blue flagstone that echoes the blue flagstone on the building's tower. As with the first house, the roof is flat and the windows have little decorative detailing.

A terraced house has beautiful wrought iron railings on the ground floor and on the second floor balcony. There is also wrought iron detailing above the door, on the windows and on the underside of the balcony. The small gable at the top of the house sports a round window.

A more rustic house has two front-facing gables at different levels. The taller part of the house is clad in stone to about a third of the way up, then clad in gray batten board that matches the color of the roof. The lower part of the house is clad in wood painted barn red. This color is continued on the window frames.

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