What Are Designer Options and Trends for Dishwasher Fronts?


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Consumers are looking for dishwashers that have a sleek look, such as stainless steel, or appliances that can be hidden behind a cabinet facade to provide a seamless look, as of 2015. Another trend is toward electronic touch pads or hidden controls that are easy to wipe down.

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Stainless steel is still popular, but it is getting some competition from dishwashers with bronze or colored fronts. Greens and blues are two of the trending designer colors and manufacturers are offering dishwashers to match. Two-toned finishes are also an option. Some companies are offering a choice of hardware styles and finishes on their deluxe models.

The cabinet panel idea is also getting an update. Homeowners now have a choice between the traditional one-piece panel and a multipiece facade that pairs a drawer front with a cabinet front. The latter option is easier to match with kitchen cabinetry. Separate drawer coverings may also be used to hide the dishwasher controls.

Filler kits are available to help cover any gaps between the dishwasher and the cabinetry. These are popular when a full renovation is out of the question. Similar to microwave filler kits, they are brand and model specific, help with noise reduction and provide a more finished look to a kitchen. Alternatively, a carpenter can create a trim kit using wood that matches existing cabinets for a more custom look.

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