How Do You Design Walk-in Shower Walls?


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To design walk-in shower walls, choose a curved wall with a spiral design or square-turned walls in a Greek key pattern. Use tile or waterproof material to cover each section of the shower walls, and hang towel racks on the outer wall for convenience. When building the walls, add shelves, cubbies or a bench to complete the design.

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When creating a curved wall, place the entrance on a side facing a wall in the bathroom. The wall is curved inside toward the closest perpendicular wall. The center of the spiral is where the shower head hangs, or install it on the inside curved wall. Place a squared shower similarly, with the shower head mounted on the back wall. Create a sloped shower floor to facilitate a good draining system.

If there is room in the bathroom for an open shower space, many builders recommend placing 6 or 7 feet of room on each side of the shower head to keep water from splashing everywhere. This makes cleaning the area slightly easier, as well. Another option for a more open space is to design a shower stall in an inset section that has a central wall with entry on either side of it.

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