What Are Some Design Tips Using Glass Kitchen Countertops?


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Choosing surfaces embedded with a mixture of different materials and colors complementing the kitchen color palette or using a mix of colored recycled glass pieces to imitate granite countertops are good tips for using glass kitchen counter tops. Homeowners can choose recycled glass materials such as resin, concrete or tiles.

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Glass countertops feature varying combinations of green, blue, brown or other hues. Some are smooth and translucent, while others are colored or textured. To create a glass countertop that stands out, homeowners can mix countertops with other kitchen elements. For example, they can install lighting below the counter for a backlit ambiance or add bright colors, such as turquoise, aqua or other shades of blue.

Some homeowners opt for personalized countertops without seams. Adding a contemporary finish is another good idea for customizing glass countertops. Recycled glass is a great option for homeowners who are environmentally friendly. Those who want to design their countertops on their own may opt for glass countertop tiles.

Glass countertops are sturdy and easy to maintain, much like stone countertops, although they can be as expensive as granite. A countertop can be turned into a design accent if glass is fused with another kitchen surface instead of using it as the main material throughout the kitchen. For example, homeowners can design a glass countertop as an elevated breakfast bar on an island.

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