How Do You Design Tile Backsplashes Around Outlets?


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Some good ideas to design tile backsplashes around outlets in the kitchen or bathroom include ordering outlet fixtures that match the backsplash or making them part of the design. Another option is to place decorative tiles either randomly to mask the outlet or above the outlet as a border.

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In order to merge an outlet seamlessly with a backsplash that has lines, flip the outlet either horizontally or vertically to match the backsplash. Another option that does not interfere with the backsplash at all is to install the outlets on the cabinet doors or on the underside of the overhead cabinet. With the great variety of materials and colors available, it should also be possible to order outlet covers in colors or designs that either match or complement the backsplash, so that the effect of the latter is not reduced.

Perhaps the simplest idea is to decide ahead of time where the outlets are required and plan to place them away from the more conspicuously visible backsplash. Outlets that have already been installed can be moved to new locations, before the tiling is done. If the outlets are from a high-end or designer brand, they do not have to fade into the background. Instead, draw attention to them by placing glass or mosaic tiles around them.

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