How Do You Design a Pole Barn House?

To design a pole barn house, first decide its dimensions based on its intended use. Choose the facade, doors and windows as well as the wall and flooring material for the inside. Use graph paper or design software to create a blueprint of the space inside the barn and consult a professional to ensure the structure meets state, county or city requirements.

The size of the barn depends on its intended use. If the barn is meant to house horses, design at least a 10-foot ceiling as well as room for stalls, feed and equipment. If the barn is only going to be used for storage purposes or gardening supplies, design it with lower ceilings and room for work stations or cupboards. Choose doors that suit the use of the barn. Livestock require a larger, taller door, while a normal walk through door is good for storage use.

Design the structure to suit its location. If the site is on a hill, the structure may need fortification, and you can include a cellar or storm shelter. Choose siding for the barn based on your budget and whether you want a fluid design between the house and the barn. Decide on the flooring, and ensure it is safe for any livestock. Include windows to let in natural light and aerate the space.