What Are Some Design Plans for an Antique Lawn Tractor?


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Some design plans for antique lawn tractors include the Model T farm tractors, midget tractors and simple tractors. Other design plans are two-wheel tractor plans and pup garden tractors.

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The Model T farm tractor plans are designed to provide individuals with a way to build an antique farm tractor from old car parts. This tractor is a cultivator-style farm vehicle that is built from old Ford Model T parts, and the tractors itself was largely used during 1939. Cultivator-style tractors feature higher and larger rear wheels, which provide users with additional weight for more traction during demanding farm work in under-average soil conditions. The plans provide users with room for more efficient lubrication and cooling systems, which can optimize the tractor's performance.

Midget tractors are significantly smaller than most traditional cultivator-style tractors, and they are designed to operate on smaller farm configurations that have above-average soil and weather conditions. Three sets of these home garden tractors are available, and they all feature similar designs, except for a few differences based on wheel alignments and installations. The tractors feature air-cooled engines, smaller wheels for easier maneuverability, junk parts for affordability, and lighter frames for easier use at home farming plots and projects.

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