How Do You Design a Pergola?

How Do You Design a Pergola?

By using a program, such as Home Designer Software, homeowners can design a pergola quickly and easily. walks users through each step to creating the perfect pergola for any outdoor space.

Home Designer Software offers new users a free trial download of its products, and the software is available for professionals or novice builders. Download the program and install it per the manufacturer's directions. Use the steps below to design a pergola using the program from

  1. Open the program
  2. Launch the program then open the plan in which to create the pergola.

  3. Choose the Soffi tool
  4. Go to Build then Cabinet. From there, click Soffit and click in the floor plan view to place the object.

  5. Select Objects
  6. Use the Select Objects tool to click on the Soffit tool and click Open Objects. This opens the Soffit Specification box.

  7. Select the dimensions
  8. Using the General panel, set the height, width and depth of the structure.

  9. Choose the building materials
  10. Go to Select Library Object next to Materials. Select Wood.

  11. Click OK
  12. After making the necessary changes, click OK to apply those changes.

  13. Make copies, if desired
  14. Make copies of the first soffit by choosing Selecting Objects and then Copy/Paste.

  15. Use Sticky Mode
  16. Use Sticky Mode to create multiple copies of a section of the pergola. Continue this step until achieving the desired number of copies.

  17. Move the pieces around
  18. Arrange the pieces to achieve the desired pattern.

  19. Create custom posts
  20. Use the procedure above to create the posts for the pergola. Adjust the height, width, depth and floor-to-bottom distance.

  21. Copy and Paste
  22. Copy and paste the sections to create as many copies of the posts as necessary.

  23. Add details
  24. Add details like latticework to the pergola by going to Millwork and then Columns.

  25. Create a deck beneath the pergola
  26. Use the Deck Railing tool to create a deck underneath the pergola, if desired.