What Are Some Design Options for Placing a TV in an Apartment?


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Some design options for placing a flat-screen TV in an apartment are in a corner, from the ceiling using a sliding TV mount, on a floor stand that acts as a room divider, in an entertainment cabinet or on an open wall. If the room has a fireplace, the television can be mounted on the wall above, on a stand that sits on the mantle or inside the opening if the fireplace is inoperable or rarely used.

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Apartments typically have limited space, so in addition to mounting the TV itself, residents should consider storage of cable boxes, DVD players, DVRs and cables. In a corner-mounted unit, the triangular space behind the mounting bracket can be used to store equipment. Some wall-mounted television brackets flip up, and a storage compartment can be concealed behind in a niche.

To keep a TV out of sight and prevent it from taking up too much space, it can be mounted behind a map, painting, mirror or other wall hanging. A TV can be also mounted in an unused niche above a refrigerator, under a tabletop or desk or on a swing arm, so it can be moved out of the way when not in use.

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