What Are Some Design Options for Deck Railings?

Design options for deck railings often depend on the type of material used, such as wrought iron, Plexiglas or wood. The best option for a specific deck depends on many other factors as well, such as if the owner wants to create a private space or an unobstructed view.

Some options for a wooden rail include spindles, benches lattice or square post mission style decking. Installers place upright spindles between upper and lower rails. Spindle choices include simple square or rectangular boards or fancy turned pieces. The distance between the spindles determines the amount of privacy they provide. Benches allow additional seating for the area. Installers can place pre-formed lattice between rails, creating a railing that provides privacy without blocking all the view. Large square posts with horizontal rails create a mission-style deck rail utilizing handcrafted wood.

Wrought iron provides safety at the edge of the deck while increasing the view. Crafters form wrought iron into many different shapes, such as a curved railing that helps to add interest to the home. Plexiglas allows an unobstructed view of the deck's surroundings. While it does not provide the privacy of other materials, it is a good choice for a secluded deck with views of nature.