How Do You Design a Minimalist Bedroom?

How Do You Design a Minimalist Bedroom?

Design a minimalist bedroom by concentrating on making the space restful and relaxing and showcasing the "less is more" philosophy. Keep decorative elements to a minimum, displaying only what is truly loved by the occupant.

  1. Address needs

    Bring in a bed, bedside tables and other pieces the occupants need to be comfortable. A checklist should include a comfortable place to sleep, a surface on which to place drinks or other necessities and entertainment consoles, such as a television wall mount, depending on individual needs for the space.

  2. Choose a focal point

    Hang a favorite piece of artwork above the bed, or use a pair of antique lamps as inspiration for decorating the rest of the bedroom. Choose a monochromatic color scheme based on the focal point.

  3. Dress up the bed in solid colors

    Choose a comforter or duvet in a solid color with little patterns or trimmings to create a minimalist design. For contrast, make up the bed with crisp white sheets and pillow shams in complementary colors.

  4. Accessorize sparingly

    Choose simple window treatments or none if privacy is not an issue. Place only a few decorative elements around the space to reflect the occupant's personality while sticking to the minimalist design.