How Do You Design a Kitchen and Bath Showroom?

How Do You Design a Kitchen and Bath Showroom?

How Do You Design a Kitchen and Bath Showroom?

Design a kitchen and bath showroom that highlights your top-selling products and makes it easy for customers to find out about everything you sell. Pick complementary colors and textures to create a visual flow in the space, have sample books in multiple places for customers to see what else is available in a particular line, and accessorize to add warmth.

  1. Showcase the top sellers

    Design the kitchen and bath showroom around your most popular choices for sale, including cabinets, sinks, lighting and other large ticket items. Include your top quality upgrades, such as faucets, hardware and alternative finishes.

  2. Display complementary colors and patterns

    Create a visual flow throughout the showroom by choosing complementary colors and patterns in neutral hues that can work in many different styles of homes. For special occasions or if your target market is of an alternative crowd, include a section of the showroom that is ultra-contemporary or colorful.

  3. Place product books in multiple places

    Place product books in front of all of your displays for customers to see at a glance what other materials or colors are available in a certain line. Have small sample cards for color choices for people to carry with them between displays to see what complements their favorite hues.

  4. Add accessories

    Accessorize the showroom to add warmth to the overall design. Add minimal touches to each display, such as a crystal container for cotton balls on a bathroom sink or a pretty cutting board on a kitchen counter.

  5. Have a sitting area for consultations

    Have a separate area for customers to sit and have consultations with you or members of your staff. Store sample books and ordering forms within easy reach of this area.