How Do You Design a Kitchen Around an Almond-Colored Stove?


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To design a kitchen around an almond colored stove, a good idea is to match the color to its complementary or similar shades for the cabinets, walls and tiles. The doors, windows, utensils and lighting can also be color-coordinated to highlight the warm brown of the stove.

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Pastel hues, such as blue and light green, are complementary to an almond shade. With the floor in wooden tones, the walls can sport a soothing pastel green. Selecting whites for the cabinets, doors and windows incorporates a beautiful contrast. Utensils in different shades of pastel blue also complement the pastel green walls.

Browns and oranges are closely related to the almond shade. For a practical touch, try almond-colored floors with light orange shades on the walls and different shades of brown for the cabinets, doors and windows. The utensils can be a mix of white porcelain, wood, glass or stainless steel. To achieve a minimalist look, monochromatic shades of almond can be used for all the elements, with only a variation of lighter and darker shades of almond.

Yet another option is the gray scale variant. With the almond-colored stove in place, splashes of light gray for the walls and darker gray for the floors add intensity to the kitchen. The doors, windows, cabinets and utensils can offset the darker shades with a coat of dazzling white paint. A bright photograph or abstract painting above the stove helps keep the attention focused there.

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