What Are Some Design Ideas for a Wooden Trellis?


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Design ideas for a wooden trellis include fencing, arbor gates, a trellised deck, a garden expansion and climbing flower displays. The most popular woods for trellises include birch and cedar, and they can be painted, stained, sealed or left plain. Use trellises alone, or combine them with arbors or pergolas for elaborate backyard designs.

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Design arbor gates using trellises to cover open side sections and create greater privacy. A trellis and arbor combination provides the same security and privacy as a fence, but is more aesthetically appealing and can be decorated or fused with landscaping designs. Another option is to create a fence out of a latticework trellis alone. Cut curves or points into the sides of the trellis panels, or leave the sides straight, fastening each panel to the next to create a unique and stylish type of fencing for a yard or garden.

Install trellises in gardens to expand the available planting area. Place trellises near the edges of a garden, and plant climbing plants such as beans, cucumbers and tomatoes near the panels. This guides the plants up the wooden lattice of each trellis instead of taking up ground space that other plants can occupy. Use trellises to grow climbing flowers as well. Plant or place potted flowers such as morning glories, climbing roses, clematis and wisteria beneath a trellis, and allow the flowers and vines to fill the height and width of the trellis piece as they grow.

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