What Are Some Design Ideas That Use Decorative Glass Balls?


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Design ideas that use decorative glass balls include placing mirrored glass bulbs along a garden path, arranging decorative sea-colored glass balls in a display with pieces of sea glass and hanging glass balls at different lengths in front of a window to reflect the light. Glass balls that match the color scheme of a room add light without distracting from the design scheme, while glass balls in contrasting colors form an accent piece.

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The easiest way to decorate with glass balls is to arrange them in an aesthetically pleasing manner in a container. A basket full of large glass marbles in neutral tones looks nice on a wooden coffee table. A decorative apothecary jar filled with silver glass balls flanked by white candles provides a focal point on a mantle. When the candles are lit, light from the flames adds shimmer to the display.

Bubbly transparent glass spheres in a rainbow of colors mounded up in a clear glass bowl adds shine to a kitchen counter. Hanging bright glass balls from a branch in a vase creates a beautiful centerpiece. Glass balls also work well when paired with water. A few glass balls in a decorative pool or fountain create interest and variation.

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