What Are Some Design Ideas for Plush Furniture?


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Some design ideas for plush furniture include plush sofas and couches that are designed to encompass a large area of the room, such as around a corner or an entire wall. Additionally, other plush furniture options are plush leg rests and ottomans used as accent pieces in the room. Users can also apply plush accenting pieces to their sofa or bed with plush pillows or throws. Large-scale plush furniture options include plush carpet systems.

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Plush is a textile surface that comes from the French word "peluche," and it is similar in cut to velvet or fustian. Because of how soft the material is, the term is used as an adjective to describe soft and luxurious items. Plush is advantageous to apply to various furniture options because it is comfortable to the touch. There are many additional decor styles it may take, and plush systems are available in all types of colors and patterns.

However, plush surfaces are more difficult to clean than other types of surfaces. If handled particularly roughly or carelessly, it may wear away and show obvious signs of damage. Individuals can use a steam carpet cleaner to clean plush and velvet upholstery, and regular vacuuming prevents dirt from causing long-term damage.

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