What Are Some Design Ideas for a Patio Fire Pit?


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Patio fire pits can be designed as contemporary pieces, crafted from metal, built into a stump of birch, created in an amphitheater design, be embedded into a curving wall, set up next to a large wall or built into a natural landscape for a private, quiet scene. When it comes to designing the patio, fire pits can be the center of attention or blend harmoniously with other decor, such as walls, gardens and patio furniture. Depending on the material from which they are made, fire pits can be designed with a modern, coastal, country or casual vibe.

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What Are Some Design Ideas for a Patio Fire Pit?
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For those seeking a sleek, modern design, fire pits made from metal art, designed in tabletop containers, arranged in a large tile on a flat, white tiled patio, or set inside a large copper container work nicely. These fire pits can serve as the center of attention with their neat, simple designs. Surrounding them with contemporary furniture like a wraparound couch or lounge chairs with bright pillows and fabrics completes a modern scene.

Homeowners on the coast can place fire pits in their beach backyards; placing the pit in a three-sided container protects flames from the wind, while fortifying the perimeter with piles of sand and beach vegetation provides privacy. For an existing wood patio, homeowners can set up a portable fire pit in the center, surrounded by benches and chairs for entertaining.

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