What Are Some Design Ideas for Oversized Vases?

Use oversized vases or glazed pots for plants, flowers and shrubs throughout landscaping or on porches, patios and decks. Place gravel in the bottoms of vases before adding soil and plants to allow for adequate drainage of excess water. Frame the sides of entryways or stairs with matching vases and plants, or group several of varying sizes and colors for a more contemporary look in gardens. Fill vases with sand for a more decorative outdoor ashtray and cigarette receptacle.

Indoors, place oversized vases throughout the home for a simple decoration in corners, foyers or to break-up a large, plain wall. Display empty vases as art pieces, or fill them with floral craft foam, marbles, polished stones or aquarium gravel, and add artificial flowers, greenery, wheat sprigs or eucalyptus branches. Change content themes for holidays, seasons or home remodeling. Other indoor uses for large vases include umbrella and walking cane storage.

Place oversized vases with wide mouths throughout gardens for added color, and add herbs, spices, berries and other plants that are targeted by rodents or birds when planted in the ground. Create a spectacular "spilled" flower bed in landscaping by laying a large vase on its side and planting flowers in the soil, starting from the rim of the vase and flowing downwards. For apartment or city living where yards are not available, use large vases for building a garden or displaying flowers on a rooftop or balcony.