What Are Some Design Ideas for an Outdoor Jacuzzi?


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Homeowners can place an outdoor Jacuzzi under a pergola, incorporate it into a swimming pool design or even set it in a woodsy setting for a more primitive look. Pergolas are free-standing structures that usually have four posts, a slatted roof and no walls. The designs are endless and they fit almost anywhere. Installing a pergola on a back porch with a nice water or mountain view sets the stage for installing a clean-lined, modern Jacuzzi to enjoy that view.

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Adding a Jacuzzi to a swimming pool design opens up several possibilities. Homeowners can place the hot tub slightly above the pool area, with a waterfall cascading into the main pool. They may create the waterfall using real stone slabs, or for a more modern look, give the Jacuzzi a clean edge so the water plunges down the same way as in an infinity pool. A slab of smooth, polished granite works well for this. Granite also reflects light when wet, which is more noticeable at night.

Not all Jacuzzis are meant to be fancy. In a rustic cabin setting, a simple circle resembling a water tower works well. A plank-type walkway, with rails for safety, leads from the back porch to the tub. A seating area may be created inside the tub, only visible to the users. Another version of a rustic Jacuzzi still uses the circular design, but is sculpted out of reinforced concrete. Plant boldly colored flowers, vines and palms and that Jacuzzi turns into a half-hidden tropical oasis.

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