What Are Some Design Ideas for Miniature Lamps?


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One miniature lamp design is a coin lamp that only works after a coin is put into the slot. It is designed to only light up for a certain duration after a certain value is put in, and it helps keep you aware of electricity and illumination consumption costs. Other miniature lamp designs include small mushrooms that are reminiscent of video game items and power-ups. They are available in a variety of colors, such as green and red.

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Another miniature lighting fixture is the Torn Lighting idea that is designed to fit with all walls and corners. It conveys the appearance of light bursting out of the wall, tearing the wall in the process. The fixture is available in a variety of colors, and it can be painted and designed to suit the specific background of the wall to create a seamless appearance. It is available for installation at flat surfaces and wall corners.

An Alien Abduction Lamp is another miniature lamp idea that uses a relatively minimal construction to provide illumination in a thematic way. A light bulb is set inside a small UFO flying saucer figure, and the light floods down in the form of a tractor beam. The metal UFO may feature aliens inside, or the light may flood on top of a cow or an unsuspecting person about to be abducted by the alien.

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