What Are Some Design Ideas for Large Garden Planters?


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A large copper planter filled with fall-blooming flowers and grasses and branches full of fall berries looks good on the edge of a step leading up to the front door. The colors should complement each other.

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A summertime arrangement has elephant ears planted with grasses and plants with tiny but colorful flowers in a stone urn. The urns are placed on their own plinths at the entrance of a garden. A group of colorful, flowering plants in galvanized buckets or a galvanized tub can be set on an old footstool on the front porch or deck.

A small pool made of cast concrete can be placed on a platform of old bricks or stones and then filled with plants. A pool that's deep enough can hold aquatic plants such as water lilies. Another large, terracotta bowl can hold a single agave plant, with the soil around the plant covered with gravel and river stones judiciously placed circling the plant.

An outdoor room can sport very tall planters, painted black or dark blue to match the furniture and topped with rosemary. Other outdoor room ideas include a trio of large clay bowls holding irises or a pot that's large enough to accommodate a young Japanese maple tree.

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