What Are Some Design Ideas for a Landscape Using Succulents?


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Some succulent landscape designs include planting quirky cacti in front of rocks. Another design idea is to plant yucca in metal terraced garden boxes. Typical designs highlight the sculptural appearance of the water-wise plants.

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To conserve water, succulent plants have interesting features that include the leafless spines of cacti and the fleshy paddles of graptoveria hybrids. One natural design blends the peculiar hen-and-chicken, and Spanish bayonet with rocks. The shoulder-high mounds of the taller plant are a highlight against a backdrop of stones. Alternatively, the soft rosettes of the smaller succulent planted in rocks with shallow depressions blend with the landscape.

Another design uses cacti for greenery in a recycled art garden where junk shop finds are seats. For window well gardens, a design uses succulent plants on steep terrace ladders. Many landscape designs use containers to spotlight smaller plants that have prominent color foliate. Hypertufa pots are a natural choice. To highlight the sculptural features, a landscape design recommends planting yucca in terraced beds made from stone, metal and wood.

Other designs showcase a large anchor plant, such as a barrel cactus with blue chalksticks for ground cover. A lawn alternative design uses the large agave plant to accent a water-conserving meadow.

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