What Are Some Design Ideas for Garage Storage?


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Giving a garage a new paint of coat, consolidating items, rotating items on a seasonal basis, storing similar items together, such as kids' toys, snow equipment and lawn tools and putting gadgets like tools and toys in see-through containers, stacked on shelves, are some ideas to organize garages. For cluttered garages, investing in storage accessories like hangers, boxes, cabinets and shelves is a good place to start. These items help get toys and accessories off the garage floor; they also give a neat, tidy appearance and make the room appear more spacious.

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What Are Some Design Ideas for Garage Storage?
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Before undertaking a garage storage project, people should create a plan of what they want to achieve, say designers at Lowe's. This entails creating zones dedicated to storing different items, like trash and recycling, car accessories and gardening tools. When setting a framework, it is best to place gardening tools, trash and recycling near the doors, say authors at Lowe's. Purchasing a garden shed to hold seasonal items can help free up space in very cluttered spaces too.

After setting a plan, finding ways to organize items is a good next step. Equipment like tools and bicycles can be hung from walls using sturdy brackets and wall mounts. Sports gear can fit into containers placed on shelves, along with car care accessories and even pet supplies.

After hanging tools and bikes and grouping items into container piles, people can clean their garages. A simple thorough washing can make the space cleaner and brighter. People can also repaint their garages for a fresh new look. A floor can be jazzed up with a tiled design. Painting the walls a darker color adds depth, while a light shade for the ceiling creates a brighter area.

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