What Are Some Design Ideas for a Brick Grill?

Some design ideas for a brick grill include building the grill racks into a brick surround for cooking and using a brick surround to house a propane grill. Materials include red brick, cinder block and concrete.

One style of brick grill is designed around a brick box built on a concrete pad that’s open on the top and in front. Build courses of bricks or cinder blocks and mortar to the desired height, and lay a metal grill over the mortar. Add other courses of bricks and grills. In this design, the coals and starter are placed on the concrete below the lowest grill rack. Cooks then use the different levels to cook and warm foods at various temperatures.

Such designs can also easily incorporate a wood box or other storage for charcoal. A variation on this design eliminates the mortar, staggering bricks to create a grill with more cross ventilation. Many such grills are also decorated with arches and stone facades.

Another design idea is to build a brick surround for a large propane grill. While the surround itself doesn’t function as a grill, it does help conserve heat so that the propane grill maintains a more consistent temperature. Grill designs of this type often adopt the functions of kitchen cabinetry by incorporating doors, drawers, wood boxes and storage for other outdoor cooking equipment.