What Are Some Design Ideas for a Backyard Deck?

Some backyard deck ideas include a deck that's made out of salvaged, gray-painted cedar wood. A glass roof above the deck turns it into an indoor/outdoor room. Another deck descends to a brick patio, has space for at least a couple of seating arrangements and is embraced by fig trees, which gives it an intimate aspect.

A backyard deck can also be as curved as a free-form swimming pool, with built-in furniture softened by pillows covered in colorful outdoor fabric. One part of the wall is solid, while the other part is made of a metal net fence that follows the curve of the deck.

A deck doesn't have to be very large. It can even be a few deep and wide steps on which to show off potted plants. It can also be a simple space made of wooden planks mounted on a concrete slab with space for an outdoor dining set. Another two-tiered deck is set beneath a pergola. Vines can be trained up and over this pergola to provide shade on hot days.

On the other hand, a deck can be enormous, with several levels, built-in planters, several areas for seating and even openings to accommodate trees. These decks also have fire pits and space for whirlpool spas.

Some people choose exotic themes, like Bali or tropical destinations, to design their decks. For privacy seekers, turning a deck into a Bali retreat with large pillows, lush tropical flora and small candles creates an virtual getaway. Placing two lounge chairs on an outdoor deck, along with a large coffee table topped with a bowl of fruit or small fruit-bearing tree, creates a relaxing and exotic atmosphere.

Even people with tight budgets can produce beautiful decks. Placing two simple lounge chairs under an umbrella makes a warm, welcoming space. To finish the look, add a coffee table and several simple decorations, like a small plant or set of nice tumblers and a coffee table book.