What Are Some Design Ideas for Adding Light to Dark Hallways?


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Some good ways to add light to a dark hallway include installing a skylight, putting shiny picture frames on the walls, and painting the walls a soft, neutral color. One popular trick is to place a mirror opposite the entrance to the hallway, so it reflects light into the hall.

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Dark hallways are a design challenge, but brightening them up can be as simple as adding metallic frames to the wall. The frames reflect light from the rest of the space into the hallway, brightening it up with no need for extra lamps or a higher electrical bill.

Another way to brighten a hallway is by creating more spaces to let natural light in, as with a skylight or flanking windows.

Painting the walls a soft, light color can also help make a hallway appear brighter, airier and more inviting, especially if the paint is glossy and reflects more light into the space.

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