How Do You Design a Garage Organization System?


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Design a garage organization system by first determining what storage items can be grouped together and then separating items you're getting rid of into recycle, throw away and donate categories. Next, clean out your garage, paint the floor if necessary, then plan your organization, and execute it.

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Examples of items that you can group together include gardening supplies and tools, sports equipment, holiday and seasonal decorations, household tools and automotive tools. Design a clear pathway to your trash and recyclables that makes them easily accessible from the house. After you clean your garage, look for stains to clean.

Next, plan the placement of your item groups, storage units and work benches. First, consider the space your vehicles occupy in the garage, and then design spaces that accommodate both your vehicles and provide walking paths to the different storage units. Among the storage unit options are cabinets, shelving and support brackets, storage bins and boxes, tool hanging systems and bicycle hangers.

Divert attention away from messier regions of the garage by installing an appealing structure, such as a coat rack with a painted background. You can also make your garage more appealing by painting the entire room with different color patterns.

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