What Are Some Design on a Dime Ideas?

One idea for design on a dime decorating is to refurbish or repurpose items that are already in the home. This can be accomplished by simply sanding and painting pieces, and new decorative knobs can be added. Inexpensive wood furnishings can also be purchased through online classified ads and discount shops, sanded and given a new finish. Using furniture that serves multiple purposes can also save on decorating costs.

Learning to sew is an inexpensive way to decorate on a budget because of the low cost of fabrics. Sewing curtains, bedding and accent pillows also allows the space to be transformed in a unique way. Hang curtains and drapes slightly higher and wider than the actual window dimensions. This makes both the window and the room it's located in appear larger.

Changing a rooms flooring can have a huge impact on the look of the space. This can be accomplished by sanding and staining the floors to give them a lighter or darker finish. Replace linoleum or carpet with tile to add style to a room, or an area rug can be brought in to help change the room's look. Painting rooms a different color is also an inexpensive way to decorate. Instead of sticking with safe colors, pick a color that's at least one shade darker to add a bold look to a space.