How Do You Design a Custom Mailbox?


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To design a custom mailbox, first draft a design that meets the United States Postal Service guidelines. Specifically, a mailbox must be between 41 and 45 inches in height and feature a post that stands 24 inches underground. The front of the mailbox must be 6 to 8 inches from the edge of the kerb.

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When planning the construction of a custom mailbox design, be sure to construct the mailbox post in its entirety before installing it into the ground. Use a circular saw to cut the joining arm that holds the mailbox to the main post. To cut the notch that joins the main post with the joining arm, use the circular saw to cut tiny tooth-like notches into the wood and then use a hammer to clear them out, leaving a square void. Use an electric dremel with a chiseling tool to clean this square void, preparing the pieces for connection.

When installing the completed mailbox into the ground, be sure to call 811 before digging. 811 is a toll-free hot-line that homeowners use to determine the location of underground lines, cables and pipes. After calling the hot-line and having a local technician come and mark the location of the property's underground utilities, begin digging with a post digger, making sure to leave at least four feet of vertical post coming out of the ground.

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