How Do You Design a Commercial Kitchen?


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To design a commercial kitchen, determine the menu in detail, and decide which equipment is needed to prepare and store the food, based on the local health code and the menu. Make blueprints for the kitchen, and have the blueprints reviewed and approved by the local health department and fire inspector. Measure each piece of equipment to calculate the amount of space needed for the kitchen, and install the equipment ergonomically to reduce accidents and increase efficiency.

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Before designing the kitchen or purchasing equipment, obtain a hard copy of the local regulations concerning the layout of the kitchen and which equipment is suitable for commercial food preparation, and refer to the regulations to design the layout of the kitchen. Regulations vary significantly by state, county or city, but some common requirements include placing sinks and grease traps away from food preparation or food storage areas and using an approved hot water tank.

When preparing the blueprints for the kitchen, include the location of the electrical wiring, fire-prevention devices, appliances, plumbing and emergency routes to ensure the blueprints are suitable for approval. Hire a building designer or architect to incorporate the features required by local regulations, and install the equipment in the kitchen after the space is prepared.

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