How Do You Design and Build Pull-Down Attic Stairs?

design-build-pull-down-attic-stairs Credit: Gary Buss/The Image Bank/Getty Images

To design and build pull-down attic stairs, begin by inspecting the attic and carving out the necessary space with a jigsaw. Install supports around the hole to preserve the structure, and attach the stairs to the hinges by following the instructions on the wooden attic stairs kit. This project also requires wrenches, plywood, 2-by-6 lumber, an extension cord, tape measure, set square, plywood, lights and a pencil.

  1. Access the attic

    Gain entry into the attic, and base the necessary size on the dimensions outlined in the stairs kit. Use a measuring tape, and mark the spots with a pencil. Use the set square to make certain that the opening has the right form. Make the necessary cuts with the jigsaw. Avoid cutting through multiple joists.

  2. Get comfortable

    Use plywood to stand on by screwing it in place around the area. Use extension cords to bring in plenty of light to the area.

  3. Use the kit

    Call on someone to help you install the stairs kit. Install the necessary supports around the area. Cut pieces of the lumber to proper size, and screw onto the joists for additional structure. Install the attachment at the top portion of the stairs. This attachment is necessary for holding the stairs and hinges together when the stairs are opened.

  4. Attach the stairs

    Install the stairs onto the hinges. Get someone to help you while securing the bolts. Cut a hatch of wood to a suitable fitting, and use hinges to attach it to the frame. Place a sliding lock on the opposite side. The doors should open and extend down.