How Do You Design a Blueprint for a Fireplace?


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To design a blueprint for a fireplace, choose a type of fireplace, and then determine the dimensions for every section of the fireplace. Draw blueprints with front, side and top views of the fireplace, including the appropriate dimensions in each blueprint.

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The three types of fireplaces are masonry, zero clearance and gas. For a masonry fireplace, both the firebox and chimey are made of either brick or stone. It may also have a wood mantel. These tend to be the most expensive, and it's easier to add this type of fireplace during construction of a new home than it is to add this type of fireplace to an existing home. Blueprints for this type of fireplace must include the dimensions of the firebox.

Zero clearance fireplaces, also called manufactured or pre-fabricated fireplaces, are lightweight and have firebox enclosures that don't heat up. They typically use a metal tube that vents through the ceiling. To determine an appropriate size for a zero clearance fireplace, add the length and width of the room together in feet, and then use that number in inches for the size of the fireplace opening. For example, a 10-foot-by-10-foot room should have a 20-inch fireplace opening.

Gas fireplaces must connect to a gas line and have adequate ventilation. A chimney or metal tube both work for ventilation. These fireplaces are smaller, like zero clearance fireplaces.

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