How Do You Design a Beautiful Concrete Patio?

Design a beautiful concrete patio by creating patterns of squares or other geometric shapes, adding color and using stamped concrete, states Each of these methods works well on patios or pool decking and walkways.

Creating a beautiful concrete patio does not have to be time-consuming or expensive, notes

  1. Add color
  2. Add color to the concrete by adding a concrete color product right to the concrete mix before pouring the patio.

  3. Create patterns
  4. Create patterns in the concrete by laying stones of various sizes in multiple directions. Begin by using 18- to 24-inch stones for easier application.

  5. Use stamped concrete
  6. For a more patterned or textured look, try using stamped concrete.

When choosing a color for a concrete patio, stick with a dye that goes right into the concrete mix. Acid-based stains should only be applied by a professional, and a stain applied to already set concrete can fade very quickly.

When adding patterns and shapes to concrete, know that stamped concrete is weak at the construction joints. Therefore, use these pieces sparingly. Try laying the concrete pattern on the diagonal for even more variety. Stamped concrete is designed to look like brick, slate, flagstone, tile, wood and a number of other materials. Also note that the construction joints are visible in stamped concrete and invisible when setting geometric patterns using regular concrete.