How Do You Design Backyard Patio Bars?


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To design a backyard patio bar, first create a to-scale diagram that includes all of the elements you want in the design. Take measurements of the space you intend to use when creating the diagram, and include the dimensions of any structure you want to add to the patio bar.

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Gather any necessary tools for the project, and select materials for every aspect of the bar, from the base to the counter, as well as chairs, wine racks or sinks. If you have a theme in mind, the materials should echo it, such as bamboo for a tiki bar or stone for a Hawaiian theme. Other materials to consider are wood, veneer, concrete, granite and corrugated metal.

Build the bar on a new or existing strong foundation. Ensure the ground is level before starting the base of the bar. Create a frame from the base to support the body of the bar and hold the weight of the counter top. If your design includes a roof or awning for the bar, be sure to install pillars to support it. Add panels or boards to the frame, and secure any surface materials to them.

Place a counter top over the body. If building a wet bar, hire a plumber to install the appropriate plumbing. If you want to run appliances, ensure there are appropriate electrical connections. Seal the bar structure to protect it from the elements. Add chairs, wine racks, cabinetry or any decor to complete the design.

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