How Do You Get Deodorant Stains Out?

How Do You Get Deodorant Stains Out?

Remove deodorant stains by identifying the type of fabric stained, pretreating the area, washing the garment, flushing the garment with a solution, rinsing the garment, and drying it. You need liquid detergent, ammonia, water, rubbing alcohol, denatured alcohol and white vinegar.

  1. Identify the stained fabric

    Identify the stained fabric as being either washable or non-washable. Non-washable fabrics normally include cotton, linen, rayon, silk, wool and burlap. Washable fabrics are acrylic, nylon, olefin, polyester and spandex.

  2. Pretreat the area

    For washable fabrics, pretreat the stain by rubbing liquid detergent into the area. For non-washable fabrics, soak the spot with rubbing alcohol, and cover the area with an alcohol-dampened pad. Allow the stain to soak.

  3. Launder the garment

    For washable fabrics, launder the item.

  4. Flush the garment

    If the stain remains, flush the garment with a solution. For washable fabrics, flush the stained area with white vinegar. Prepare a solution of soapy water and ammonia. For non-washable fabrics, flush the garment with the solution.

  5. Flush the garment again

    If the stain still remains, flush washable fabrics with denatured alcohol. Flush non-washable fabrics with white vinegar mixed with warm water.

  6. Rinse the garment

    Thoroughly rinse both washable and non-washable fabrics in clean water.

  7. Launder the garment

    Once the stain is removed, launder the washable garment as usual.

  8. Dry the garment

    Allow the garment to hang dry.