How Do You Take Dents Out of Hardwood Floors?


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Remove shallow dents from hardwood floors by steaming them out. For deeper dents, apply a filler to level out the area. As heat can discolor some types of finishes, you may need to refinish the steamed out dent and the surrounding area to match.

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How Do You Take Dents Out of Hardwood Floors?
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  1. Wet the dent

    Using a moist sponge or paper towel, wet the wood inside and around the edges of the dent.

  2. Cover the dent with a wet cloth

    Wet a thick, porous cloth, such as a stack of paper towels or a folded dish cloth, and place it on the dent. The cloth should cover the dent completely.

  3. Apply a hot iron to the wet cloth

    With the wet cloth in place, heat an iron. When the iron reaches its hot temperature, iron the cloth in a circular motion. As with clothing, do not let the iron sit in one spot, as that can burn the floor. Re-wet the cloth as needed to ensure a steady amount of steam. If desired, place the iron directly on the wet wood.

  4. Fill in the dent

    If the dent remains after steaming, try evening it out by applying a wood filler, epoxy, wood inlay or a similar material.

  5. Sand and refinish the wood

    If the steam causes discoloration, sand down the area and apply a finish matched to the rest of the floor.

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