What Is a Den Room?


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A den room is a supplementary and secluded room of a home, often used as a place where a hobby or activity can be pursued. It is considered a bonus room, which can also be used as a study, family room, office or even a library.

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As a den is a bonus room, it often has a recreational and informal focus, whereas rooms that are a part of the formal home are better suited to entertaining guests and neighbors. Dens are typically classified as being without closets, but not exclusively. Those with closets have the utility of being able to serve as a guest bedroom. A den can also serve the purpose of a dedicated TV-watching room if the home lacks one.

In real estate, a bonus room is frequently a remodeled part of the home, which can be at risk for not being up to code. Proper access to a means of fire escape and ventilation are concerns for potential code violations. As a result, bonus rooms can add less than the intended value to a property compared to a standard room. Nevertheless, potential homebuyers are sometimes swayed by a den or bonus room being included in the home.

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